About Us

Phone Group is currently one of UK’s leading and trusted names when it comes to bad credit mobile phones in the UK today. The company has been helping customers with bad credit get approved for a phone contract despite a bad score or a poor credit rating.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear and simple. We exist to offer customers solutions at the most affordable prices available in the market today. If you’ve ever been refused a phone contract elsewhere, Phone Group is the best partner you can rely on. We have a team of specialists, experts and researchers who do all the leg work. All customers have to do is apply online, choose a handset and get approved in 24 hours or less.

At Phone Group, we have a wide and diverse selection of handsets you can choose from. We also have phone tariff or phone bundle offers you can tailor according to your call, text and data needs per month. This way, you can always ensure that your phone bill will not exceed what you need and what you can afford.

Our Customer

We cater to customers who have bad credit and who meet our basic requirements. To be eligible for a phone contract, you must be of legal age, a resident in the UK and must provide proof of income. We welcome part-time, full time and self-employed customers. As long as you can ensure that you can handle the monthly fee, you are almost always guaranteed of your application’s approval.

Our Promise

While we do not guarantee 100% approval for all phone contract applications, we promise three things for our customers. One, we promise to offer you only the best phone contract deals for people with bad credit. By working hand in hand with our partners, we can offer phone contract deals at the most affordable prices available in the market today.

We also promise fast and easy approval for phone contract applications for people with bad credit. As long as you meet the requirements, you can follow our three-step application process and get approved for a phone contract in 24 hour or less. In a day or two, you can also expect to receive your handset delivered right at your doorstep.

More than providing customers with the best phone deals, we also promise customer service you will be highly satisfied with. We have a team of experts you can seek expert advice from and a team of representatives who are always ready to guide your from beginning to end.