Money Saving Apps for Travelers

Money Saving Apps for Travelers
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If you love to travel and you want to save money while doing so, below are some of the best and free travel apps you should check out:


Whether you’re booking a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure, TripAdvisor is a great app that can provide real reviews from real people. From accommodations to restaurants, transportation and activities, the app has a wealth of information you can check to help guide with your decisions.


One of the most expensive expenses when travelling has to do with transportation. Helping you save money is KAYAK, a free app suitable for all OS which lets you search for the best prices for hotels, flights and car rentals. To make it even easier for travelers, the app organizes all your booked information through its flight and trip tracker feature.


To further save on transportation cost, you can download GasBuddy to help you save on gas. With GasBuddy on hand, you can now search the local area for best gas prices. This way, you not only save with your car rental but also with gas money which you can use instead for food or activities.


Another great app that is now associated with TripAdvisor is GateGuru. The free app lets you track your flight through its Flightboard feature. If your flight is delayed, for example, you’ll know immediately thanks to GateGuru. This app is especially helpful if you’re travelling on crunch time. Once you get to the airport, the app also lets you check dining options offering the cheapest prices as well as car rentals at last minute.

Hotel Tonight

In case you need a last minute hotel booking, you don’t have to pay the hefty price for such situations. With Hotel Tonight, a free app for last minute book, you can now look for cheap and discounted same day bookings without fuss. It is an especially helpful app if you’re looking for last minute bookings during big events like the Olympics, Super Bowl, etc.Money Saving Apps for Travelers

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